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Preventing and addressing opioid misuse in our community’s youth is essential as data shows, 1 in 5 youths in the United States has misused prescription medications.

Local Initiatives and Resources to Prevent and Address Opioid Misuse in Youth

Community-Based Coalitions

Community-based coalition can be powerful and effective vehicles to prevent and address the opioid epidemic among youth in our community. The following coalitions work in this area in Maricopa County and are leading initiatives in their communities:

Chandler Coalition On Youth Substance Abuse – Strives to prevent youth substance abuse in Chandler through a variety of evidence-based programs designed to increase knowledge of youth substance abuse, promote social responsibility, and spur community action.

Fountain Hills Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition – Works to educate the youth under the age of 18 to reduce the probability of substance misuse among the youth.

Help Enrich African American Lives (HEAAL) – The HEAAL coalition offers prevention resources and trainings to reduce substance abuse.

Tempe Coalition – Links diverse community organizations and individuals to provide a more focused approach to substance abuse education and prevention for youth, families, and community.

Way Out West (WOW) Coalition – Seeks to increase awareness about the problem of underage substance abuse in the City of Buckeye and educate community members.  

South Mountain W.O.R.K.S Coalition – The mission of the South Mountain W.O.R.K.S Coalition is to educate, equip, and empower community members to create a healthy and drug free future for children, youth, and families.

Rx 360 Training for Youth

Rx360 for Youth is a workshop that provides information on the dangers of prescription drug abuse and how to dispose of prescription drugs safely and effectively. This 1-hour training focuses on the dangers of prescription drugs misuse, the risks of sharing medication, and resistance strategies. Care Coalition Arizona 

Arizona Athlete Opioid Initiative

The Arizona Athlete Opioid Initiative (AAOI) is a collaborative partnership between the Maricopa County Department of Public Health, the Arizona Interscholastic Association, the Tempe Union High School District, the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith, & Family, and the Arizona Department of Health Services that focuses on preventing prescription opioid misuse among high school athletes. The AAOI has developed materials for parents, coaches, and high school athletes on preventing and addressing prescription opioid misuse. For more information on this initiative and opportunities to partner to address this issue, please contact Tracy Cruickshank.

What Can You Do As A Community Stakeholder to Prevent and Address Opioid Misuse in Youth?

  • Join and/or support a coalition in your community that prevents/addresses opioid misuse among youth
  • Distribute resources to those working with parents and youth on preventing and addressing opioid misuse
  • Implement the Arizona Athlete Opioid Initiative in a school in your community
  • Let the Maricopa County Department of Public Health know about any unmet needs you see in our community in this area


Get Involved

In addition to the coalitions and other initiatives and resources listed above, the following also are organizations that have registered with and have indicated that they also are working in the area of youth prevention and intervention. Click on the organization to learn more about the populations they serve and how to contact them.

  • Friendly House, Inc. – Offers parent education & drug prevention programs to provide parents with the skills to talk with their children about alcohol and drug use.
  • Arizona HIDTA – The Arizona HIDTA has cultivated strong partnerships among drug, law enforcement and community organizations to educate the public and provide resources on the dangerous effects of drug abuse.
  • Addiction Haven – Is a grassroots recovery community organization empowering individuals by connecting communities and changing the conversation surrounding addiction through advocacy, educational programs, collaboration, and community events.
  • The Pathway Program – Is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center for teenagers and youth ages 13-25. Pathway’s variety of specialized substance abuse treatment programs for youth allows young people and their parents the option to choose a substance abuse alcohol addiction treatment program that best suits their situation and lifestyle.
  • LGBTQ Consortium's Queer Resource Collective – Provides educational resources to address mental health, physical health, and overall well-being for the LGBTQ.
  • The Phoenix Indian Center – Offers the Rx360 curriculum which provides an in-depth, comprehensive training for adults and adolescents to prevent and reduce prescription drug use and misuse.
  • Southwest Behavioral & Health Services – Provides evidence-based alcohol and drug prevention programs within community and school settings. 
  • – Provides evidence-based alcohol and drug prevention programs within community and school settings.
  • Governor's Office of Youth, Faith, and Family – Offers free trainings to coalitions, non-profits, and other community stakeholders on how to implement the Arizona Rx Drug Toolkit.
  • Arizona State University Health, Counseling, and Wellness – Empowers the Sun Devil community to achieve a healthy lifestyle to positively impact academic performance and personal well-being by providing resources along with involvement opportunities.  

If you’d like your organization connected to this initiative, please go to our Registration page or contact Keith Walker.


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