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Many trainings and education resources are available on the topic of opioid misuse for a variety of audiences such as parents, children, law enforcement, healthcare providers, athletes, and employers.

Rx Training Resources

The Arizona Rx Misuse and Abuse Toolkit

The Arizona Rx Misuse and Abuse Toolkit is designed with the theme of awareness, action, and outcomes. It provides the roadmap to move communities forward beyond that initial awareness stage into action and outcomes. The Rx Arizona Toolkit consist 5 strategies.

Strategy 1: Reduce Illicit Acquisition and Diversion of Prescription Drugs
Strategy 2: Promote responsible prescribing of Rx opioids
Strategy 3: Enhance Rx drug practice and policies in law enforcement
Strategy 4: Increase public awareness and patient education about the risks of Rx drug misuse and pain management expectations.
Strategy 5: Enhance assessment and referral to substance abuse treatment.

The Arizona Rx Misuse and Abuse Toolkit can be found at the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith, and Family website.


The Arizona Rx Misuse and Abuse Toolkit can be found at the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith, and Family website.

Rx360 is an in-depth comprehensive training that provides tools for adults and youth to prevent and reduce prescription drug abuse. The Rx360 training is a research based curriculum adapted from Partnership for Drug Free America’s Pact 360 modules and localized to specific communities and populations in Arizona. This training raises awareness of the opioid epidemic, and the curriculum divided into 3 modules for youth, parents, and the general community. Several Maricopa County based organizations such as the Phoenix Indian Center, Arizona HIDTA, and the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith, and Family facilitate the Rx360 trainings. For more information on Rx360, click here

Arizona Athlete Opioid Initiative

Arizona Athlete Opioid Initiative The Arizona Athlete Opioid Initiative (AAOI) is a collaborative partnership between the Maricopa County Department of Public Health , the Arizona Interscholastic Association, the Tempe Union High School District, the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith, & Family, and the Arizona Department of Health Services that focuses on preventing prescription opioid misuse among high school athletes.. The AAOI has developed materials for parents, coaches and high school athletes on preventing and addressing prescription opioid misuse. For more information on this initiative and opportunities to partner to address this issue, please contact Tracy Cruickshank.

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